Fun Facts

Driving in Hollywood
Driving in Hollywood
  • Matt’s Models was one of the very first adult pay sites
  • Matt’s Models was one of the first Reality Web Series
  • I was one of the first “bloggers” on the internet.
  • At the height of it’s popularity, over a million people visited MM per month.
  • Matt’s Models was pitched to Showtime TV for a Reality series but they ultimately passed 🙁
  • Matt’s Models was one of the first internet sites (maybe the first) to broadcast a naked woman via live streaming!
  • World renowned photographer Terry  Richardson is a fan of Matt’s Models style of shooting.
  • Ron Jeremy and I lived in the same building for several years. He used to play piano at my parties.
  •  I’ve spent more time in hotel rooms, with more beautiful naked women; without getting laid, than any other heterosexual male in the world.


Terry Richardson signing his book for Matt Frackas
Terry Richardson signing a copy of his book for me in his studio in NYC. It says: “Dear Matt, you’re a freakin GENIUS!”