The History of Matt’s Models – Part One


I’ve started The History of Matt’s Models. How cool is that? Here is Part 1, Years 1999 – 2003.  What an incredible trip to go back and look at all this video!

For 14 years, every single week, models and aspiring porn actresses would arrive at my door, come inside and strip naked.

The first few years were what I refer to as the Glory Days of Adult Internet. It was all new, fun, exciting and mysterious! Who knew where the internet was going? I sure didn’t.

I was shooting mainly photos. Video and streaming were virtually non existent on the web. However I started doing funky live cam shows with some of the models right out of my house.  Then I started filming  interviews (Audition Videos) and behind the scenes of photo shoots. Finally I added shower, stripping and masturbation video.

I’ve always said the most valuable, lasting and endearing aspect of my site was the Audition Videos. They were a glimpse into each girls lives at that particular moment in time. Their stories were funny and fascinating; poignant and even tragic.  I did my best to treat every model with respect. By using humor, compassion and understanding, I believe I was able to get the models to relax and be very open, both personally and physically.

There is something completely riveting about that little space of tension between the time a model sits in front of a complete strangers camera and when she undresses. When she finally unveils herself  – it’s a surprise every time.

For me, Matt’s Models was always about sharing my experience with my members.  I hope you find watching the video as fascinating as it was for me shooting it.

Looking back I can’t help but think how all these beautiful young women bared their souls and bodies for me and the Adult Industry. I honestly respect, honor and thank them for having the courage to do something we all know can come with harsh judgement from family, friends and the public. More than anything I hope they all continued on to have peace, love and happiness in their lives.

– Matt


Note: All these video clips are the original old formats posted online so the quality may suffer.
The good news is we are remastering as many of these videos as physically possible for the new site!