Suitcase Pimps

Headshot of James Deen waiting to perfprm in a sex scene for Matts Models

Suitcase Pimps is the term affectionately used  to describe guys who bring their  wives or girlfriends into the Porn Industry to be nude models or performers.

Essentially “pimping them out”.  It was common for many of these women to be the breadwinners while the man stayed home, collected the money and smoked pot with his friends. Although the girls were a willing participant and happy to be making the money almost all would eventually resent their suitcase pimp and dump him. Why? Here’s what I think.

If you understand women the one thing they at least claim to want from men is to be cherished.

If you are comfortable with your girl having sex with other men I believe it sends her  a strong underlying message: You don’t cherish her. At the very least you definitely don’t desire her all to yourself. It was  an interesting psychological observation. When a new girl entered the industry by her man, my  assistants and I would bet “How long do you give him?”

In addition if she’s having multiple  penises inside her for work every day, she frankly might come across one she likes better than yours which only helps to reinforce her decision for leaving.

The same dynamic holds true for “swinging”. What the fuck is wrong with these people? Someone always  loses in a swapping situation. I experienced this myself in the industry. After a night of partying which included my girlfriend giving a BJ to me and another guy I was awakened the next day at 8:00am by a knock at the door. It was my BJ partner from last night. Apparently he and my girlfriend had fallen in love? Anyway that was the beginning of the end for me and my girlfriend.

I used to listen to Dr Drew’s radio program  Loveline . Once a female caller had a question about swinging with her husband and other couples. They also had a young child at home. Dr Drew pissed, stops her in mid-sentence: “Stop it! Just stop doing that to your kid! “. I agree especially if you have kids. It’s not only confusing for them but possibly dangerous for obvious reasons.

Sex is a very powerful drug and relationships break up all the time  because of unsatisfied sex partners. I think it’s best to be careful when playing with it. Just be single or be in a committed relationship! If you wanna go fuck around or fuck in porn, great! Go fuck around  but it’s not a team sport.

If you are planning to bring your girl into the porn industry you better be 100% sure it doesn’t bother you that she has sex with other guys.
I’ll never forget one day before shooting a scene with James Deen and a newer girl. She brought her fiancé to the shoot. I took him aside and said: “Okay you’re totally cool with your fiancé having sex with this guy?” He said: “Yeah of course! No problem, she’s done it before.” I walked back into the room where we were shooting and saw that James and the girl were hitting it off, laughing and flirting. I could tell there was  chemistry. Cool! This will be a good scene!

About halfway through the scene somebody tells me there’s a guy in front of my house yelling and flipping out. I go outside.  It’s the fiancé. He’s on the phone yelling about his girl having sex with James.  “Dude what are you doing?” You said you were completely cool with this!”  I yelled. He replies angrily: “Yeah yeah I know but I’m just sick of this whole thing. Why are they sitting in there chatting it up and laughing? etc etc” So apparently he didn’t mind her having sex on camera but if she gave any indication that she was actually enjoying it (vs “acting”) that pissed him off.

It’s a risky business.Aiden Layne waiting to perform a scene in article about suitcase pimps