Erica Campbell in early Live Cam Show

May 11, 2016

Matt’s Models Redux is almost complete! It’s been an INSANE process but the new site is looking AWESOME. Couple more weeks! Stay tuned Check out this early Erica Campbell web cam show on my infamous red couch in the Hollywood years! haha          


Birth of Matt’s Models – The “Guy” Next Door

Nude Erica Campbell First Live Show vid cap
March 16, 2015

The first digital photo ever published on the Internet was of four pretty women. Surprising! It was posted in 1992 by Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the Father of the World Wide Web. Granted all the ladies were fully clothed, yet his instinctive gesture seems only fitting to the subsequent explosion of the internet as a medium for erotic entertainment. In 1999 I launched Matt’s Models.  Only 41% of the U.S adult population were…