The Million Dollar Vagina

nude redhead model Anya from Matt's Models in pink lingerie exposing one breast as an example of the million dollar vagina




The Million Dollar Vagina

“Do you have a jaded view of women?” Actually the opposite is true.  Photographing nude women gave me a finer appreciation for their beauty.

I learned to appreciate attributes of a woman’s body other than the overtly sexual characteristics less obvious to the average developing young male;  Big tits! Nice ass!. It’s not about the size, but the shape. Beauty comes in all sizes.

Long necks, eyes, lips, hips, hands, hair, belly button, beautiful shoulders etc. Have you ever noticed nice collarbones on a woman and how a bra strap might drape itself over them, leaving a little air? The distance between her hips and her breasts and the bone structure of their face. Some of the most beautiful women often have American Indian in their heritage as it made for more pronounced cheekbones.  A woman’s overall lines and proportions relative to each make for nice photos.

I often found that some of the girls I thought were the most beautiful weren’t very popular on my site.

I suppose my only jadedness developed in response to some model’s psyches.  Really it was just a disagreement on the value of their looks.

There is no vagina worth $1million  – but there was a lot of that attitude.
In fairness to porn, that mentality is rampant in our present culture.  The Kardashian’s, The Real Housewives of Orange County; the list goes on. Cosmopolitan  has been brainwashing and grooming young girls to value themselves solely as sex objects for decades.


Years ago I remember seeing a Cosmo in the supermarket with the cover  story: “How to give Good Oral Sex to Your Man”. Do a Google image search for “cosmopolitan covers”.  Here’s some randomly chosen covers:

  • “Sex He Craves”
  • “Kinky Sex”
  • “25 Ways to Kiss a Naked Man”
  • “78 Ways to Turn Him On”
  • “50 Sex Tips”
  • “Own His Orgasm”


Sex toys, masturbation and how to snag a rich guy are other favorite Cosmo subjects.

Cosmo is sold at eye level of children in grocery stores.

That type of marketing has been increasingly permeating our culture and helping to bring young women down for years.
It’s sad actually because many women entering porn don’t have the self-esteem to value themselves not only as goal oriented students developing their minds for contributing to society but to value themselves appropriately monetarily in the sex industry – undervalued hookers essentially.  I saw so many beautiful young girls coming into my office willing to sell their bodies for very little money. In reality they could be working at a much “higher” sex business level (Porn contract star, high-end escort for celebrities etc.) How about hooking up with a rich guy that you actually like? Of course many of the girls work up to that eventually.nude redhead model Anyafrom Matt's Models in pink lingerie exposing one breast

I don’t like making moral judgments about porn.  I don’t believe it’s a sin. I don’t believe it’s wrong  and I fully support our right to produce it and watch it  – just as I support the right for women to watch The Real Housewives of OC. I just don’t think either are real healthy in the long run.

It’s all part of a giant dumbing down of our entire culture. For women specifically, working in the sex trade has its inherit physical health risks but there are also  psychological and emotional risks: Endangering ones ability to maintain monogamy or sustain intimacy; possible issues with future employers or husbands etc.

However the real tragedy of becoming a female porn “performer” is throwing away what could have been your life;  taking the path of least resistance, not realizing one’s full potential. For the record, a “career” in Porn is only one of many ways to do that.

In today’s whirling mix of Social Media, Facebook, Instagram and thousands of other outlets, many young women are learning to use or even rely on their bodies as a means to perceived success.  Once they start believing entrance to their vagina is very expensive – that is  a real problem for us guys. 🙂

I’ll never forget driving with my porn gang on a scorching hot 105 degree day in San Fernando Valley. We stopped at a signal. I looked over and saw a couple of transients, a young man and woman, digging in a trash bin. Frustrated with some recent porn girl attitude I said to my friends “See! Now that’s the girlfriend you need. One who will stick with you all the way to the bottom!”