Matt’s Models Re-Launched!

New Matts Models
November 15, 2016

Yes MM has been redesigned, repackaged, remastered and re-modelfied, complete with new features, video, new fun and of course our trademark: BRAND NEW GIRLS! So clean your underwear. Check it out!    


Sadie West Smoking a Cig and recounting how she ended up in Porn

June 2, 2016

I’m in the process of  converting over one thousand movies to MP4s. It’s crazy going back though all this material. There is a shitload! I’m realizing it was always something a little weird that made a model stand out to me. Here was a perfect example: Sadie West. Her face was as quirky as her personality with beautifully shaped breasts and the voice of a 65 year Las Vegas cocktail…


Erica Campbell in early Live Cam Show

May 11, 2016

Matt’s Models Redux is almost complete! It’s been an INSANE process but the new site is looking AWESOME. Couple more weeks! Stay tuned Check out this early Erica Campbell web cam show on my infamous red couch in the Hollywood years! haha          


Why Girls Do Porn

Head shot of Faye Reagan
May 20, 2015

Why Girls Do Porn Why do girls do porn? Is it only about the money? I’ve always contended money is not the only reason they do it. Some say most women working in the sex trade were sexually molested as children. There are studies which conclude women in Porn are no more likely to have a history of sexual abuse than the general population. Although I did hear about some…


The Million Dollar Vagina

topless model Danni in pink panties
May 19, 2015

      The Million Dollar Vagina “Do you have a jaded view of women?” Actually the opposite is true.  Photographing nude women gave me a finer appreciation for their beauty. I learned to appreciate attributes of a woman’s body other than the overtly sexual characteristics less obvious to the average developing young male;  Big tits! Nice ass!. It’s not about the size, but the shape. Beauty comes in all…


Porn Opens up the Conversation

porn opens up the conversation with models at AVN
May 11, 2015

    Porn Opens up the Conversation There are plenty of people who place a moral stigma on  people involved in Porn. “How do you sleep at night?” To be honest I’ve only been asked this question one time in all my years. I remember it well. I was at the AVN Adult Convention in Las Vegas with my entourage (If you’re in the Porn Biz you always have an…


Suitcase Pimps

Porn Star James Deen waiting for his sex scene
May 7, 2015

Suitcase Pimps is the term affectionately used  to describe guys who bring their  wives or girlfriends into the Porn Industry to be nude models or performers. Essentially “pimping them out”.  It was common for many of these women to be the breadwinners while the man stayed home, collected the money and smoked pot with his friends. Although the girls were a willing participant and happy to be making the money…


My First Nude Photo Shoot.

First nude photo shoot for Matts Models
April 26, 2015

This was my first photo shoot for Matt’s Models. I found this girl through one of the first agents I ever worked with. How did I find that agent? I called Hustler Magazine and asked for the “Talent” department. A women came on the line. I asked: “Where do you get your models?” She said: “Call this guy” and gave me a number. Now I’m only guessing she may have…


Charlie Ain’t Cheap

Sarah Blake head shot
April 26, 2015

  Charlie Ain’t Cheap It’s my educated guess that if you run a moderately well known porn site or if you are a relatively well-known porn star it’s inevitable that you will hear from Charlie Sheen and possibly some other male celebrities, politicians or powerful people. One lovely afternoon in 2005 I received an email from an anonymous person “Hi Matt I am a high-profile celebrity and a big fan…


Birth of Matt’s Models – The “Guy” Next Door

Nude Erica Campbell First Live Show vid cap
March 16, 2015

The first digital photo ever published on the Internet was of four pretty women. Surprising! It was posted in 1992 by Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the Father of the World Wide Web. Granted all the ladies were fully clothed, yet his instinctive gesture seems only fitting to the subsequent explosion of the internet as a medium for erotic entertainment. In 1999 I launched Matt’s Models.  Only 41% of the U.S adult population were…