Interviews / Press

#1 TMZ Charlie Sheen & Capri Anderson fiasco: VIDEO

One morning in Oct of 2010, I was awakened by frantic voice mails from several companies including Vivid who wanted to use my casting video of Capri Anderson for the news media. My interview was picked up  by all the major International news organizations. It was a weird week hearing my voice on CNN, HLN, TMZ and other Televison channels. Nuts.


#2 Jennie Ketchams book: I Am Jennie

I shot Jenny back in 2002 as “Dolly” on Matt’s Models. She later went on to become a popular Porn Star as “Penny Flame”. Eventually she hit some mainstream notoriety by appearing on n VH1’s Sex Rehab with Dr Drew. This is a mention of me in her book.


#3 Luke Ford Interview

A really funny old interview I did with Porn Journalist Luke Ford back in 2006.  He asked some hilarious questions like “How often do girls cry on your shoots?” I also love the question  about my dating life which opened up a little can of worms regarding me, Penthouse and Ginger Jolie. It illustrates that even “big” porn companies like Penthouse couldn’t refrain from being dragged into trivial “who gives a fuck?” porn drama:


#4 Matt’s Models 10 year Anniversary Party: PHOTOS

This was so much fun but I swore I would never throw another big party again. We had the party in October. It hadn’t rained in L.A. the entire year, except on the day of my party. Not only did it rain but it was howling winds and dumping, like a little California hurricane. Sunset Boulevard was deserted!  Consequently the attendance was cut in about half. After our party The Key Club went out of business and I never got my deposit back. “I’ll never put on a life jacket again”

Photo gallery here: