Kara Duhe
“Matt my zipper is stuck”

As a producer of adult material, all of these questions have been asked of me over the years:

Q: Where do you find these girls?

A: At the bus station or homeless shelter.

Q: How do you sleep at night?

A: Great. Usually with a nude model.

Q: Do Porn Stars have real orgasms on camera or are they faking it?

A: The guys aren’t faking.

Q: How do you NOT walk around all day with an erection?

A: I do. It’s just that I have a small penis and it’s not noticeable.

Q: Why do these girls do Porn?

A: I have no idea.

Q: How much do these girls get paid?

A: Not enough.

Q: Did you ever have sex with any of these girls?

A: I’m not a Monk.

Q: Do you have a jaded view of women because you’ve seen so many pretty girls nude?

A: No not physically.

Q: Do you feel some shame for luring young women into pornography?

A: Have you ever tried to talk an 18 year old out of something they had their mind set on?

Q: How do I become a Porn Star?

A: Why would you wanna do that?



Q: I’m a guy. How can I get into Porn movies?

A: Become a Suitcase Pimp

Q: Why did you leave the business?

A: That’s a long and sordid story. If you’d like to know the real in depth answers to the previous questions, click on the above links. I have a Book coming out sometime in 2016

Q: What are you doing now?

A: Presently I am working on a book about my 15 years in the online adult world. For more info click here.